• Question: what encouraged you to become a scientist and howmany years in collage it takes to become a scientist

    Asked by CaoilainnDC05 to Tiernan, Sonia, Mossy, Maureen, Bernard on 14 Nov 2018. This question was also asked by dalta2.
    • Photo: Sonia Lenehan

      Sonia Lenehan answered on 14 Nov 2018:

      I was always into science ever since my parents got me a set of books and tapes called how my body works. So I loved science and anatomy and everything to do with the body and how it worked. As a little kid I really wanted to be a vet. I also had a big interest in the way the brain works when my sister was born blind. It wasnt until I went to college and saw all the amazing science that was going on that I realised that I wanted to research brain development. I spent 4 years in my degree and now I am 2 years into my PhD and have 2 more years to go! You dont have to do a PhD you could do a masters after your degree, or you can start working straight away after your degree, it is up to you!

    • Photo: Bernard

      Bernard answered on 14 Nov 2018:

      I have always loved science and I studied for 8 years after leaving school

    • Photo: Maureen

      Maureen answered on 14 Nov 2018:

      I had a great secondary school teacher who encouraged me to be interested in animals and to follow that interest. Along the way, I’ve had amazing bosses and coworkers who’ve supported me.

      To be a scientist, you usually do a degree in science, which is about 4 years in Ireland.

      If you want to work as an academic scientist (at a University) it’s at least another 4 years in a PhD programme. I also did a Master’s degree, which took a year.

      There’s a lot of ways to be a scientist and definitely ways to become one no matter where you start!