• Question: what are you intrested in and wjat do you do

    Asked by TSM_Rhys to Tiernan, Sonia, Mossy, Maureen, Bernard on 14 Nov 2018.
    • Photo: Sonia Lenehan

      Sonia Lenehan answered on 14 Nov 2018:

      I study the brain and at the moment I am looking at the development of social cognition in toddlers. Social cognition has to do with understanding facial expressions and body language! Outside of work I like to read, play football and watch movies!

    • Photo: Bernard

      Bernard answered on 14 Nov 2018:

      I love studying drugs.

    • Photo: Maureen

      Maureen answered on 14 Nov 2018:

      I study the parasites of fish! Up to 50% of all species are parasites at some point in their life! That’s so many species! I love that they are found everywhere and that they can control their hosts to make their own lives better. They are endlessly fascinating and spooky. They’re also really important in their ecosystems and I use experiments to try to figure out what ecosystems with lots of parasites and ecosystems without parasites do.