• Question: Do any of you do chemistry?

    Asked by Your a wizard , Harry to Tiernan, Sonia, Mossy, Maureen, Bernard on 8 Nov 2018.
    • Photo: Sonia Lenehan

      Sonia Lenehan answered on 8 Nov 2018:

      I did Chemistry in secondary school and for the first two years of life! I then did some biochemistry so that I could understand the chemistry of the brain!

    • Photo: Maureen

      Maureen answered on 8 Nov 2018:

      I studied chemistry in secondary school and at University. I use chemistry most days at work as well! To understand how parasites and hosts interact, and to understand water, we use chemistry!

    • Photo: Bernard

      Bernard answered on 8 Nov 2018:

      I work with drugs and chemicals every day.I loved organic chemistry synthesis.

    • Photo: Mossy

      Mossy answered on 9 Nov 2018:

      Not if I can help it. Too much goop, and chemicals. And explosions.